Right Size

Our Right Size program allows designers, contractors, and fabricators to cut costs, reduce waste, and save time in large commercial applications. You can customize your sheet size to fit the needs of your project in order to save on material and the cost of labor! Our Right Size program is successfully used for many projects including hotel bathrooms, military and student housing, and hospital rooms.


Right Size by Avonite Surfaces

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Typical Manufacturers

  • Most standard dimensions are no wider than 30″ (762mm) and no longer than 144″ (3657mm)
  • Shorter, narrower pieces mean more seams, more labor, more adhesives and longer fabrication time
  • More time required per job site”“lower productivity means fewer jobs completed per year
  • Wasted material means money laying in a scrap pile that ends up in landfills
  • More material required equals higher shipping costs to deliver excess material that will be wasted

*There are minimum order requirements and Right Size orders are subject to a + or ““ 10% yielded delivery. Expected lead time is 6-8 weeks.

To learn how you can take advantage of this unique and exciting program, contact your local Avonite Surfaces Representative or contact us at +1-800-354-9858 or at info@aristechsurfaces.com.