Customer Support

We take pride in knowing we provide better customer support than our competitors. Our friendly customer service, dynamic sales force, and knowledgeable technical service group are eager to answer your questions to help bring your concept to life. Even better, we make sure to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible and follow through until the end. Our Customer Service Mission explains it best:

Avonite Surfaces’s commitment to unparalleled customer service will result in our meeting or exceeding our customers”™ expectations with every interaction.

We will deliver ultimate customer satisfaction by providing timely, professional service along with flawless order execution by anticipating customer needs and being empowered to take the necessary action to get the job done in every circumstance.

We will work with our internal cross functional partners to ensure a positive experience that will ultimately benefit our external customer as well as our company.

Customer Services

Phone: +1-859-283-1501
Toll Free (US & Canada Only): 800-354-9858

Still don”™t believe us? See what our customers have to say”¦


“I am beyond happy with the customer experience that I receive from the whole customer support team. They make sure to do everything that is possible to get answers to my questions as quickly as they can. Also, they are very prompt on order acknowledgements making sure there is no delay in the process.”


Dixie Plywood & Lumber Co. of Charlotte


“The most helpful, responsive and accurate Customer Support group with exceptionally cheery dispositions. I have absolutely no complaints and couldn”™t be happier with the service.”


Dixie Plywood & Lumber|Nashville


“Avonite Surfaces produces material faster than any other solid surface company. Their manufacturing capabilities for right size material are second to none and the color offering is beautiful and trendsetting. In addition, the fast response times we receive from their customer service group helps make our job specifying and selling Avonite a whole lot of fun!”


Jaeckle Distributors