Color outside the lines with the Chromatix program from Avonite Surfaces.

Now you can get our Studio Collection® Glass, Petals and Frosted Glass series in your choice of colors, as well as degree of translucency. There are no boundaries when it comes to the endless combinations of color and light that can make your design breathtaking and memorable.

Share your vision with your customers and help them make a powerful statement in their space. Pick any Pantone color or simply provide a color sample, request your Glass, Petals, or Frosted Glass sample, and get up to 2 free sample iterations for review.

For more information on the Chromatix Program and our Glass, Petals or Frosted Glass series, visit, or contact your regional sales manager.

*Order Details: Minimum order is 6 sheets. Sheets delivered 4-6 weeks after PO acknowledgement. Sheet size 36″ x 120″ x 12mm (½”).


Chromatix Program Registration

    To send a color sample for us to match please complete this form in its entirety and send your color sample to the attention of CHROMATIX at our Belen, New Mexico, plant. Shipping information is available on our Contact Us page.
    Please note: the "petals" in our petals product will always be white regardless of color match
    Please specify finish for samples only.
  • Please enter your shipping address exactly as it should appear on the shipping label.
  • Please enter the phone number associated with this address.