Banco Santander

Right color, right size, right price: it all came down to better aesthetics and lower cost with Avonite Surfaces.

Banco Santander, S.A., owned by the Spanish banking conglomerate The Santander Group, is the largest bank in the Eurozone and one of the largest banks in the world. When it was time for Banco Santander’s™ Mexico City branch to remodel for a bold new look, their designer chose Avonite Acrylic over all the other surface products for wall cladding.

Why? It all came down to lower cost and better aesthetics with Avonite.

The Right Size Program provides the widest acrylic sheets in the industry, not only reducing costs for customers with quicker installation time and less scrap, but also delivering a more uniform, smooth appearance with fewer seams. Additionally, our technology team quickly produced a custom color match to Banco Santander’s™ corporate red. Perfecting the exact shade that Banco Santander’s™ designer wanted in a short timeframe was key for this project and something the competitors were not able to do.

“Our branch is the standard for the new bank image, and Avonite helped us set that standard,” stated Banco Santander’s™ designer.

Cost savings, better aesthetic, quick turnaround. That’s the Avonite advantage.