Abdali Mall


Stunning inspirations were shaped by Avonite Surfaces at the Abdali Mall.

The Abdali Mall in Amman, Jordan is a five floor, 227,000 square meter shoppers dream destination. This elegant, one of a kind shopping center has everything one would need and more, with an interior that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Rosskopf + Partner are creative masterminds who needed a solid surface material that would not only meet their functional needs, but would WOW incoming patrons at the Abdali Mall. They looked no further to discover Avonite Surfaces®, a brand of Aristech Surfaces LLC, which was exactly what they needed for this grand shopping center.

Avonite Surfaces solid surface color Polaris 8256 was used as the exterior for two, three-dimensional snake like lounge seating areas and five semicircular seats, as well as tablet frames, directional signposts and information displays throughout the mall. These structures are effectively backlit to guide users to their destination. The 100 percent acrylic solid surface was thermoformed, glued and smoothed together to form one, seamless shape for each individual structure.

Avonite Surfaces is hygienic, easy to clean, durable, renewable and delivers dependable consistency for unique designs. These features give it a sleek, elegant look, along with bringing durability long-term.

Rosskopf + Partner brought the creative vision, while Avonite Surfaces visual appearance of Polaris 8256 provided the WOW factor for the Abdali Mall.

BELOW: During the assembly and fabrication process.

Abdali Mall. Architect: Gensler Architects. Fabricator: Rosskopf+Partner AG. Photos: Abdali Mall Company.