Pure Aqua


Pure Aqua is a specialty design resin meant to stretch beyond typical horizontal surfacing, and generate a stunning design statement. This soft, watery blue is a beautiful addition to the translucent Sea Glass Series family, offered by the STUDIO Collection®. A clean hue, Pure Aqua will soothe any space it is in. Pure Aqua is a standard color. Our CHROMATIX™ Program, offers this stunning Sea Glass Series design, to you, in any color you can imagine. From bold blues, to deep greens, rich purples or maybe a pale yellow is more appropriate for your environment. YOU CHOOSE, with Chromatix™. This striking series provides unmatched translucency, and is meant to mimic that of freshly tumbled sea glass found by the sea shore. This frosted “feel” creates a fresh and modern accent, to any environment. Recommended finish: Satin. Go Bold, or subtle with this design.

Standard Sizes

36 in. x 120 in. x 1/2 in.

914 mm x 3048 mm x 12 mm

Standard Thickness

  • 1/2" - 12mm


*Test final lighting conditions before installation, as colors may vary based on lighting used.