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Breakthrough combination of Veined Translucency and 3Dimensional Aesthetics of the Studio Collection Define a New Generation of Surface Materials

FLORENCE, Kentucky “” September 1, 2016 “” Aristech Surfaces®, a global surfacing materials company, announced today that it is introducing 12 all-new architectural and design materials under the Studio Collection™ brand. The new Studio Collection features designs with movement and texture, ultra-translucency, and terrazzo-inspired looks that bring new and dynamic aesthetic for interior design applications.

These newly created polymer-based materials, which combine unrivaled design aesthetics with a formable, repairable, backlit, and inconspicuous seam functionality, are meant as a design alternative to higher-cost surfaces such as concrete and glass, natural onyx stone, and other translucent PMMA and HDPE-filled resins. Applications include room dividers and partitions, store fixtures, column wraps, illumination, modesty panels, countertops, and accent pieces where lighting and aesthetics are key elements of design.

“The new Studio Collection represents the next generation of design materials, giving customers an unparalleled edge in design and functionality,” said Kristina Morgan, global marketing manager for Aristech Surfaces. “Other materials such as concrete and crushed glass can be very expensive, have design limitations, and we”™ve found installation can cost two to three times as much. With the increasing design trend of translucency and texture in design, our combination of veined translucent colors are a true innovation in the surfacing industry.”

Designers are quickly specifying these products for use in commercial applications. “Longevity, ease of install, and custom design without a custom price tag,” said designer Amanda Mcallister from Red Robin restaurants, who worked hand in hand with R&R Millwork and Aristech Surfaces on the installation. “People don”™t realize how much time can be saved by using these materials.”


Company Information: A global leading brand of surface products and design materials, Aristech Surfaces® and its flagship brands, Avonite® Acrylic Solid Surface, the Studio Collection™, and Aristech Acrylics®, provide the quality, cost-conscious, and high-end aesthetic solutions sought by commercial architects, designers, and fabricators for projects around the globe.

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